Yocan Rex [Portable Wax Vaporizer]

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Yocan Rex

Portable Wax Vaporizer


  • แบตเตอรี่ความจุ 1400mAh
  • ระบบชาร์ต USB-C
  • รองรับการใช้งานกับบ้องแบบต่างๆ
  • ระบบคอยล์ให้ความร้อน 3 หัว (Tri Coil)
  • ใช้งานกับสารเหนียว Dab/Wax


Yocan has just launched its latest wax vaporizer, the Rex. The Yocan Rex is the first vaporizer in Yocan’s current offering to introduce the 1-click to start or stop feature which allows the device to be activated and deactivated using just one long click. Aside from the new power setting to debut in the Yocan Rex, this new vaporizer will also feature a newly redesigned exterior which makes for an iconic and recognizable design separating the Yocan Rex from other devices in Yocan’s lineup.

In addition, Yocan also packed the Rex with familiar features making this wax vape as dependable and as reliable as other devices in Yocan’s stable.


Yocan Rex Portable Vaporizer Wax Dab Crumble Cannabis


These features include the 1400mAh battery capacity, the USB-C charging, the variable voltage setting, and its ability to work with a wide range of bongs and water pipes. Yocan promises that the Rex is a device you will love and will cater to the needs of both recreational and medical consumers. So, do you want to find out how Yocan’s latest offering can elevate your daily vaping experience? Check out in the detailed spec-sheet below.

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Jonathan Dom
Jonathan Dom
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has everything you need. Good service and advice. The next Week will come to Shoping again.
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